Anders Westerberg | The first ever curling noir crime comic. For The Curling News (Canada). Since illustrating and curling are my two fortes, why not bring them together?
Kenneth Andersson | Från boken
Anders Westerberg | Courage. Magazine illustration.
Kenneth Andersson | Illustrationer, ikoner och mönster till Ambea. Garbergs.
Annika Sköld | Household Energy - Swedish Energy Agency
Maria Raymondsdotter | Les Gamins, House Red Wine. D&D London.
Thomas Fröhling | BRIS tidningen
Annika Sköld | Fragranse - Editorial Illustration
Lars Rehnberg | Chef Magazine
Thomas Fröhling | Lärarförlaget
Thomas Fröhling | Micki blanket
Maria Raymondsdotter | Porcelain design
Thomas Fröhling | Natur och kultur
Annika Sköld | Kolla - Nominated
Maria Raymondsdotter | Lion Poster.
Anders Westerberg | Omslag till boken
Thomas Fröhling | Zoom
Annika Sköld | Aibel - Vector Illustration
Lars Rehnberg | Chef Magazine
Lars Rehnberg | Nycomed. Characters for children´s vitamins
Thomas Fröhling | Specialpedagogik
Kenneth Andersson | Vårdguiden
Anders Westerberg | Little Norway pale lager. Öletikett.
Annika Sköld | Transport - Swedish Energy Agency
Lars Rehnberg | Kapital Magazine
Anders Westerberg | Dandy. (detalj) Amos magasin.
Maria Raymondsdotter | Bech-Nut, the road warrior.
Annika Sköld |  Logo for Restaurant White Deer
Maria Raymondsdotter | Hipsters,
Kenneth Andersson | Harvard Business Review
Kenneth Andersson | Silkscreen Print. Gallery Pascale.
Maria Raymondsdotter | Chipotle Cup
Lars Rehnberg | Chef Magazine